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septembre 2023

Journée du 08 DECEMBRE 2023 : “BEST OF” meeting

Dr PETITPAS Charlène : Bartsocas papas syndrome : a case report, French Polynesia Dr LIBBRECHT Sasha : Early second trimester growth restriction, Belgium Dr BREHIN Anne-Claire : Severe Neurologic Phenotypes of a metabolic disorder, France Dr DAP Matthieu : A prenatal case of bilateral microphthalmia, France Dr TESSIER Aude : Bi‑allelic variations in CRB2 lead to non‑communicating hydrocephalus due to atresia of the aqueduct of sylvius and central canal of the medulla, Belgium Dr PISAN… Lire la suite »Journée du 08 DECEMBRE 2023 : “BEST OF” meeting